Organic Search Engine Results vs Ads

Diverse methodologies have been practised to optimise web pages. Though SEO doesn’t provide a standard or guidelines for obtaining effective results, one best-known technique is through organic SEO.

Organic search results are acquired through search engine listings that appear because of their relevance to the search terms being entered by surfers. This approach is contrary to SEO methods by means of pay-per-click advertisements to gain traffic and high ranking.

Organic results and ads have differences. However, one similarity is the appearance of background colour as well as placement on the pages. Majority of search engine users have difficulties in identifying organic search results from ads since the two can look very similar in some cases.

If you are going to study closely, most top search engine pages have ads. Since only a few search engine users could distinguish the difference between these two contents, the term ‘organic’ has been spawned and used as a widespread term for real results in the internet marketing world.

There are browser add-ons and plugins for search engines and browsers which can be used by surfers to prevent ads being shown, instead, list only organic results.