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9Leafs is a leading web design agency in Malta. We design and maintain responsive, beautiful and SEO ready websites.

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We develop an empathetic understanding of your targeted audience to solve the problem on their journey.


User-oriented web design is at the core of our focus. We work with data personalised to each of our clients.

Built To Convert

We numerous designs done in many different niches we have the know-how knowledge on how to build high performing websites.

Why 9leafs Design?

Traffic Is Good — Converting Traffic Is Much Better

With an increasing number of websites on the internet, there is a need to be much more creative with your website. As a business owner, it is very important to know what your customers want to find on your website so that you can make sure that they come back again to buy your products or services. Therefore, it is essential that your website is not only professionally designed but also offer user experience to satisfy search intent.

Our website design and development services help businesses get the right kind of website so that the visitors can easily use them. Moreover, the customers feel confident about buying the products or the services that are offered by a particular business.

Our Approach

Traffic Is Good — Converting Traffic Is Much Better

Design & Functionality

In order to make sure your audience find the information you provide on your site, your site must be well designed and formatted with required features. Each project is different, and we take an individual approach to each customer.


We do not expect our clients to know the ins and outs of web development. You don’t need to do anything, all you have to do is just tell us what you need. We take care of web hosting, domain name and technical setup.

SEO Friendly

All websites built by us are SEO ready. Some developers are not taking into consideration search engines which is a fundamental mistake. Our approach is always back with search engines in mind – why would you need a website if it can’t be found online.


Our approach is always user-centric, a good website has to be easy to use to succeed. All our website are responsive, fast, secure, SEO ready and user friendly. We simply design the sites testing user experience from the user perspective.

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

Besides helping our clients get a great website design, our own brand has been mentioned, featured and recommended by industry-leading publications and top digital marketing influencers. Whether you are after e commerce, blog or business website, we have a solution.
We offer a various set of features that can turn your site into highly performing online storefront. From full mobile, tablet and desktop compatibility, Google Analytics & Search Console integration to social media, email marketing & e commerce integration just to name few.

Answers to Your Questions

How Long Does It Take to Develop a Website?
When you start developing a website, there is an enormous amount of planning that needs to take place. The first thing you need to decide is whether or not you want to open a storefront or do you want to develop a more basic website that people can look through when they visit your site? You also need to figure out what type of website will be the best for your business and how you are going to reach the end audience that is going to be using your website. Once you have done all of the planning and have all of the necessary funding, you can start to get the ball rolling on your design and development.

That said, simple websites of moderate complexity take approximately 21 businesses days to deliver.

What Platforms Do You Use?
The primary area of our expertise focuses on work with WordPress and Webflow. However, we understand each project is different. For example, design development may vastly vary from client to client needs of online presence; hence we also work with Wix, Shopify, Joomla and Squarespace.
What Is Your Process?

The process of building a new website may vary on a case by case basis, but in essence, it is uncomplicated. Before starting the project, we will ask you to answer our onboarding questionary.

The process is splint in five stages, where each stage focuses on different aspects of web development.

Stage 1: Research & Planning

We will ask you to fill our questionnaire to better understand your needs and website design preference.

We will ask you to provide any material you would like us to use on your website.

After, we will look into the functionality details of your website.

Stage 2: Wireframing & Concept Design

Based on the information we collect, we will create a mockup design of your website. The mockup web design is the first step to the visual representation of your website offering look on overall layout, colours and structure. The mockup is not as detailed as a final website.

At this stage, you will receive images of the main pages where you can make adjustments before developing the site.

Stage 3: Development

At this stage, we will take on the design development of your website. This includes template creation, integration with 3rd party services such as social media and digital marketing, cookie notifications and assuring mobile-friendliness and usability.

Stage 4: Testing & Optimisation

Once we finish the web design work, our team will get to testing site performance. We use numerous tools to benchmark your website performance to make sure it’s reliable on all browsers and devices, search engine friendly to help you with your digital marketing effort.

Stage 5: Going Live!Once we are all happy with the final design, we will push it live.

What Type Of Websites Do You Build?
We have the ability to develop most websites types, including but not limited personal brands, one-pagers, services provider websites, eCommerce stores, memberships websites, brochure websites and many, many more.
How Much Does a Website Cost?
In one way, asking ‘how much does a web design cost?’ is like asking ‘how much does a home costs?’ That’s, in theory, a straightforward question but in practice, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

It depends on the complexity and size of the website, functionality, type and services/products offered. However, on average, five pages website cost around €550.

Do You Offer Hosting?

If you need to have managed hosting plan, we offer this option – the cost starting at €100 per year. Your website will be hosted on one of our premium hosting partners, Siteground or Guru.

Do You Offer SEO?
Our leading service is digital marketing. We cover everything SEO related.

If you have a new website, then you need to know what it takes to get a high search engine ranking. There are many ways to get in front of people, and you don’t want to take shortcuts. The best option is to higher someone with experience in search engine optimisation.