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Written by 9leafs

On February 18, 2019

There is nothing cosier than cuddling up in bed with an interesting book on a rainy day. Nevertheless, more and more people are turning to e-books for the sake of practicality.

Web designing requires a lot of creativity to generate the look and feel that will appeal to the audience for whom the website is intended. Developers and designers alike face numerous challenges in their work. Some of these challenges include designing for a culturally diverse audience using technologically diverse devices to access the web.

With more and more users accessing the web through more and more diverse devices, the challenge has increased manifold over the last decade. Building a website in this environment is a challenging task requiring trade-offs between practicality and creativity.

E-Books or online books are available for almost every field of knowledge. We have put together 10 e-books to which every web-designer must be connected. These books are available in both HTML as well as PDF format.

1. Web Designer’s Success Guide

If you would like to establish yourself as a freelance designer, Kevin Airgid brings you a book with detailed instructions on how to go about it. His book is about the nuts and bolts of web designing business rather than about web design and development concepts. It contains step by step guides on how to enhance your talent and market it. The author offers tips on project management, pricing and other aspects of the web design business in addition to other aspects of web design concepts and approaches.

2. Time Management for Creative People

Mark McGuiness, the author of this book has put together several posts on creativity and web design to guide and coach readers in creative design. The focus in this book is managing multiple projects without losing your creativity. The sub-title “Manage the Mundane – Create the Extraordinary” is indicative of the contents. The book is a practical guide for a creative business and is an absolute must-have for every web designer.

3. Web Style Guide

This book deals primarily with web interface design and its various aspects. As the name suggests, it is a style guide offering tips for web development. The contents include interface design, usability, navigation, and architecture. The book lists the principles of web design and their application to projects. The focus is on ease of search and navigation through websites.

4. Taking Your Talent to the Web

This book taps your talent and creativity. For those who are as yet inexperienced in the art and wish to take up web designing as a full time profession, this book serves as an excellent guide. It helps you enhance your skill guiding you on both the creative and the practical aspects of web design. Some may consider a book written in 2001 as dated but author Jeffery Zelman’s ideas and approach still hold water.

5. Getting Real

As the title indicates, Getting Real is a book that focuses on the practical aspects of the web-based application development process. It guides the reader on how to build web-apps quickly and easily. The book, written by the developers of 37 signals, web software used by many individuals as well as businesses, lends simplicity and clarity to the process of web development.

6. The Woork Handbook

The Woork Handbook is a consolidation of various articles published on the Woork site. The book includes articles on various tools of web programming and design, such as HTML, CSS, and other programming scripts and serves as a handy reference for web designers. In addition to syntax, the book also lists techniques on how to use these tools for getting the best results.

7. Designing for The Web

This book is for the hard core developers. Written by Mark Boulton, a renowned web designer in his own right, the book inspires designers and developers to hone their skills with practical pointers on techniques such as topography, layout, and colour. While the focus is on the look and feel using graphic designing techniques, the book also provides guidance for web development.

8. Integrating Accessibility throughout Design

This book by Shawn Henry, guides readers on ways to improve the website and programs. Henry is a coordinator for disabled people using the web. In his book, he presents ways to improve accessibility and ease of navigation with real life examples. The book provides user oriented navigation for groups and individuals using specific scenarios.

9. A Practical Guide to Web Typography

This classic, deals with the practical aspects of web topography and busts the myths and misconceptions associated with it. Hermann Zapf calls the book “a must” for graphic artists and novices. The author Robert Bringhurst walks the reader through his principles and techniques of web design. The book offers alternatives, trade-offs, and work around for cross browser programming and other challenges that all web developers face.

10. The Ingredients of A Bold & Beautiful Website

This book is written by Deb Dey and it contains some useful information help people design a simple and clean website. It contains practice tips that anyone can follow. It is a no-nonsense book for all those web designers who are sick and tired of designing complex websites that actually serve no purpose.

Web designing is a complex process requiring focus on several areas such as design, logic, and organisation. A good web designer is always in search for new ways and approaches to strike the balance between creativity and practicality. Books are a great source of inspiration and offer different perspectives and approaches to web design. Flipping pages in a paper book however, can be bothersome when trying to work at the computer.

E-books offer ease of use such as quick searching, links to other books and reading material, and the ease of online access. Many are therefore turning to digital books.

Every web designers encounters snags in his work and often faces moments of “black out”. Having a handy reference book just a click away, can tide you over the “black out” and get you back on track quickly. So link-up to these e-books get going!

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