Tips for Landing Page Design

Written by 9leafs

On June 25, 2020

According to a survey, about 50% of the online purchase is through searches. Google being the top in search engines, accounts for about 83% of the total searches worldwide. Companies give great importance to conversions, so designing a perfect landing page is very important. 

The outlook of the landing page should resemble the keyword or the product it is intended to sell, and it should be rich in content to capture the mindset of your customer. Eliminate distractions on the page as it may distract the visitor and can pull him away from the product. Many companies focus on their ad campaign but neglect the perfect landing page design, which can be a deciding factor for sale. Below are a few points which should be considered while designing a landing page.

Dedicated landing pages for each targeted keyword

The landing page should have all the ingredients required to appeal to the customer. Generally, the page should be based on the keyword for which the user is searching. If the range of keywords is vast, you can order the keywords in groups and dedicate separate landing page for each of them. 

For example, an online coaching company can design two separate landing pages for two different services, like one on one consultation and online course. If on the one on one consultation landing page, you have terms like an online course, this can be a distracting factor, and you may lose your potential customer.

Provide what you promise

The landing page should have all the stuff you promised to your customers. Think a user clicks on an ad link interested in the product from your ad. In this case, you should land ac client on the page having details of the product. Landing your potential client on other unrelated pages can dilute your chance to convert the visitor into a customer. Having messages like “product not in stock” or any similar can be really fatal for the brand. Do you best to make sure your customer gets the features you promise.

Flexibility to customers

The whole range of related products should be available to customers. Even on the landing page, you can have a drop-down list containing all the other products which your company offers. In case the user wants to change the product or just want to see the range of products he can have the option. It can help to save the money as the user might click on the same ad for many of your products. If you have them on the landing page, you can save on ads.

Customer testimonials

You can place testimonials from your customers on the landing page. Try to place testimonial above the fold, part of the page which is visible to everyone who comes to the page. This can be a very effective marketing tactic as visitors will be undoubtedly influenced by these testimonials.

Purchase justification

The customers should be given full details about the product he is purchasing. Your landing page should be well equipped with features to compare the product with the other available product on the market. This can be very effective as it can give the message to the customers that the product you are buying is the best among the available in the range.

Build the trust

Try to give a human touch to your landing page. This can be easily done by having different sections for new and existing customers. Existing customers can land on the landing page, which is customized for them. For example, writing the name of the customer with a message like Welcome or Hello can be really useful to win his heart. Similarly, a new customer should be welcomed and should be shown all the options which he can have access to.

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