How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website

Written by 9leafs

On February 18, 2019

It is great that you are planning to launch a website but you are also worried that you might have to fork out a huge amount of money. Launching a website does not have to be that costly affair at all.

Here in this article, we are going to take into account several factors and analyse them one by one so that you can have a better understanding of how much it might cost you to build a website –

Domain Name

Domain name is the URL of your website. For example, Google’s domain name is – and Facebook’s is – Domain name is going to represent your brand and that means, you need to do a little bit of home work before you decide to book the domain name for your business.

The rule of thumb is to book a domain name that represents your brand verbatim. That means, if your business name is – Stark Heads Inc, the domain name should be – .

But the problem is your business might not have a unique name and that means, some other guy from the other part of the planet earth might have booked the .com version. Don’t feel rejected though as now we have access to a wide range of top level domain name like .Top, .XYZ, .Rock, .Service, .Social, .Online and more.

So, we can assume that you can easily find a domain name that will represent your Business Name properly.

Now as far as the cost of a Domain Name is concerned, the Cost of a .Com Domain hovers around $10 and the same goes for a .Net or .Org domain name.

But some domain name extension – .graphics, .Today, .Photograph, .Clothing etc will cost you around $20 to $40 per year.

Now, there are some domain names that are considered as Premium Domains and they will cost you a fortune. There is no need to go for them unless you don’t mind burning some cash.

Web Hosting

So we are done with the domain name and now we need to find a place to host the files. There are numerous web hosting companies available. Just do a Google Search with the term – Web Host and there you go.

Usually you will have to pay around – $5 per month to get your website hosted. Now, we need to clarify something here. You will get to choose from two types of web hosting – Linux and Windows. In majority of cases, you will be just fine if you choose Linux Hosting. However, if you need to run some windows applications like Visual Basic development, MS Access, MSSQL, ASP.NET etc, you might have to spend extra bucks for Windows Hosting.

There is absolutely no need to opt for dedicated hosting unless you are running a Top multinational company. A basic dedicated hosting package will cost you around $200 per month and you might not even need it.

If you want to run a small websites with basic functionalities and around 50+ pages, a basic Linux web hosting package is more than enough for you.

Design and Development

In the next stage, you might have to hire someone who knows the concept of web design and development inside out and who is not going to charge you excessively for designing a simple website. 9Leafs is offering affordable web design package for small business owners. Our web design package starts at $250 that includes 10+ pages, responsive design and Contact Form. So, if you want to design your website by professionals and don’t want to spend huge amount for that, just get in touch.

Web Design Package – $250 [10+ web pages, SEO friendly Code, Responsive Design].

However, if you know how to design and develop a site, you are more than welcome to do it yourself. But don’t use any template under any circumstances because that will make your website look cheesy. Spend some time to come up with a creative layout and then code it manually to get the best result.

Body Copy

Okay, we have almost done with the design and development part and the only thing that we will have to do is to replace the dummy content with SEO friendly and unique content for your website. We always recommend our clients to hire copy writers for this purpose since most of them are not familiar with the concept of writing conversion oriented and SEO friendly content. Usually, it would cost you around $50 for 500 words of SEO friendly content for your website. If you are unable to find any reliable copy writing agency, you can contact – They are known for proving low cost content writing service for their clients.

So, here is the short breakdown of the total cost

  • Domain Name – $10 per year
  • Hosting – $40 per year
  • Web Design – $250
  • Copy Writing – $100 for 10 Pages

So, the total cost would be around $400. So, if you want to launch your website within this amount, just send us a mail at – . We will be more than happy to help you.

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